Breast Cancer Australia


The ANZBCTG is a collaborative, national and international breast cancer clinical trials research group. It is a not for profit company limited by guarantee with strong academic and research links.
The ANZBCTG is governed by a Board of Directors whose role is to oversee all aspects of the ANZBCTG’s activities. The current Chair is Professor Stephen Ackland.

The ANZBCTG has a number of Board established committees to ensure its activities are undertaken to the highest standards and these include a Scientific Advisory Committee (including Subcommittees) and a Consumer Advisory Panel. 
A dedicated team of more than 40 personnel led by the Director of Research, Professor John Forbes, and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Soozy Smith, manage the day to day business of the ANZBCTG at the Group’s central offices in Newcastle NSW. There are three departments – Business Administration, Trials Coordination and Fundraising and Education - Breast Cancer Institute of Australia.