Breast Cancer Australia


For almost 40 years, the ANZBCTG has provided an essential coordinated structure for the conduct of collaborative breast cancer clinical trials research in Australia and New Zealand. This research is saving women’s lives every day and has contributed to the 29% fall in deaths from breast cancer seen in the past 20 years.

Clinical trials are the essential tool to identify the safety and benefit of new treatments and treatment strategies before they can be made widely available to women. All of the current treatments for breast cancer have proceeded through the rigorous clinical trials process.  

Because small differences in outcome may be very important if they are genuine, it is essential that a new treatment is tested in a very large number of women so that small gains do not go undetected. It is simply not possible for a single doctor, or even a single institution to have enough experiences on their own to answer such questions.

This is why the ANZBCTG was formed - to pool experiences and resources to obtain reliable answers more quickly for the benefit of women.

Today, the ANZBCTG works in collaboration with over 700 researchers in 86 institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand and with similar researchers internationally. This collaboration ensures that women and specialists in Australia get early access to new, promising treatments.  It also places Australia and New Zealand at the forefront of research progress, playing a pivotal role in influencing breast cancer practice globally thereby contributing to better outcomes for thousands of women in Australia and New Zealand, and potentially millions more throughout the world.